Scaffolding Inspections

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 state that all working platforms must be inspected:-

    • Before being used for the first time

    • Following significant alteration

    • Within seven days of the previous inspection

    • Following adverse weather or any event likely to have affected it’s strength or stability such as overloading.

No work must be undertaken on the scaffolding until these inspections have taken place.  They must be carried out by a competent person with the appropriate level of experience and training to the type of complexity of the scaffolding.

Many contractors now feel that the scaffolding is too complicated for them to inspect and the risks are now too great to take responsibility for them in case there was an accident.  The scaffolds are more complicated than ever now with many requiring an element of design or a specific tested tying pattern.

We now carry out these statutory weekly inspections on the behalf of many of our customers.   The scaffolding is thoroughly inspected every seven days by one of our team of trained advanced inspectors who then sign the Scafftag and issue a written report.   The first inspection is seven days after the initial handover.