We have over 30 years’ experience working for many of the leading construction companies throughout the Northwest and North Wales.  However our customers actually range in size from smaller owner/operators right up to the regional and national companies. 

We have the resources, technical knowledge and required experience to handle any type of scaffolding project both in size and complexity. We regularly undertake projects which require bespoke scaffolding design such as temporary roofs, shoring scaffolds, church spires and loading towers.  We use tube and fitting type and Cuplok system scaffolding and also carry lightweight aluminium scaffolding where scaffolding is being erected on roofs.

We provide scaffolding to numerous house builders such as Jones Homes, Watkin Jones Homes and Anwyl Construction. We are very experienced at working within the housing sector and have seen a huge change in the complexity and scale of scaffolding required over the past 20 years. 

A recent addition to the services we provide is fall protection safety decking. Erected internally within properties to allow safe working above all floor levels, provides a level and safe temporary floor to install roof joists, solid or floating floors, internal walls, fire compartmentalisation and the like. It’s quick and easy to erect and dismantle, safe working loads of 2kN/m2 and alleviates the use of the old trestle and boards and bean bag style fall prevention.