We erect scaffolding in numerous plants and factories. Currently we work within the pharmaceutical, food production, glass, packaging and chemical industries.  They all have very different and specific requirements for scaffolding. The work environment can be far more controlled than in the domestic and commercial sectors. Method statements, risk assessments, site inductions and permits to work play a far greater role and rules are strictly adhered to.

As a consequence, these types of environments require a much more specialist approach than the scaffolding norm.  Our level of management and supervision is also far greater.  We are also regularly required to work out of hours or overnight.

We often have to work under ‘permit to work’ conditions and also where the scaffolding equipment must be clean and free of dust and debris.  We carry a stock of scaffolding which is segregated from the rest of our equipment to ensure it remains free of contaminants. We also use plastic scaffolding boards where required.

We have a number of staff whom are confined space trained so have the required experience and knowledge to work in accordance with a permit to work, and in confined or hot conditions which is often the case in factories.